Baby Shoes / STRAIGHT TIP / 13cm / Sayū




[ 歩くための赤ちゃん靴の特徴 ]




〔 本製品に関する注意事項 〕

[ 仕様 ]

The moccasin shoes, for when you want your little one to have a classic look.
・Flexible, allowing natural foot movement.
・Non-slip sole provides natural grip.

color:Black, Camel, Waxed Natural
Material:Cowhide leather, Pigskin leather
Shipping date:will be received within two or three weeks from conformation of the order.
Made in Japan

Please note that due to the nature of the leather, the specifications of the products that are delivered will vary from item to item, such as the unique color, wrinkles and softness.
Also, please understand that the shoes will age over time, which is common, so please enjoy it as a feature of the product.

[ Please read before purchasing ]
The photo of the product may show slightly different colors from the actual product depending on the situation at the time of shooting.
Also, the color may vary depending on the condition your monitor such as a PC or smartphone.
Each item is made of natural materials by hand and will have a slightly different texture or color.
In principle, we do not accept returns for these reasons.
As for the return shipping costs, we will bear the costs for the return due to the defective product,
the damage at the time of delivery, or our mistake.

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*Tax included.

*Additional shipping charges may apply, See detail..

About shipping fees

The shipping fee for this item varies by the shipping method.
  • 赤ちゃん靴配送料


    Shipping Fees are the same all over country inside Japan ¥1,100
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